how nuns introduced me to nutella


I’m sure that the majority of all on the internet have tasted the chocolatey hazelnut goodness that is Nutella. If you haven’t, make sure to go out and try some as soon as you can! I went without Nutella for a very long time, because I only ever tried it when I was in 6th grade, when I was in Rome. While we were in Rome,  you see, we were staying with some nuns in a convent. I remember how when my family went onto the roof, we met a nice Australian family whose daughter was also named Grace, and who also had a brother that wore glasses who was a few years older. I remember the high ceilings with the beautiful paintings, the way the nuns were so quiet and reverent, and having breakfast with them. Oh, I most definitely remember the breakfasts, because I saw a little packet that I didn’t recognize mixed in with the rest of the condiments. I decided to try it, and picked it up and slathered it on a roll. The flavor hit my tongue full force, and from then on the rest of the mornings I would have Nutella with the nuns.


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