still not sure about shakespeare, hmm? well then do othello


Are  you still a little afraid to get into depth with Shakespearean literature? Well, not to worry, because if there’s a will there’s a way! That is, the website SparkNotes came up with a book form that put a modern translation of Shakespeare next to the original text, which lets you understand and take in the brilliance of the writing more easily. The series is called No Fear Shakespeare, and I think that you should go out and get one today!

What Shakespeare play shall I recommend next, do you ask? Why, Othello of course!

Othello is a very high up there and important Venetian general, even though he isn’t from Venice but from North Africa. He gets married early on in the play in secret to Desdemona, who is much above him in social standing, and because of this opens him up to his inner most insecurities and starts to sway him into the unsure when a man named Iago starts to hint to him that Desdemona is cheating on him. It is a play full of questioning, jealousy, loyalty, and shame, and it shows us how human nature is the force behind why some over analyze and judge all too quickly.

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