time warp trio’s ever so important book


If you want your children to get into learning history from a young age (say 5 to 7), then I recommend the good ol’ Discovery Kids channel show Time Warp Trio. It centers around a boy named Joe who was given a book (which from now on shall be called The Book) for his 10th birthday that can allow him to travel through time. He and his friends Sam (the smart one) and Fred (the athletic one) accidentally go back and forward through time many times constantly getting into trouble. At the same time however, whatever time period they land in they always happen to be in the thick of whatever major historical event is happening. They meet important historical figures, either becoming allies with them (like young Genghis Khan) or being almost killed by them (like Napoleon). They end up meeting three mysterious girls who also hold The Book, and find out that they are their great-granddaughters, because The Book is passed on through generations. The more experienced Jodie, Samantha, and Freddi go on missions themselves as well, and cross paths with their great-grandfathers regularly, giving them help or asking for help. Throughout time and space (yes, that is supposed to sound dramatic), the two different trios have to try to keep The Book from the hands of Mad Jack, Joe’s evil not-talked about uncle, as well as making sure that he doesn’t take over the space time continuum by other means. It is great entertainment for young children because of the humorous dialogue and smooth animation, and it also teaches them important historical lessons along the way. I’ve been known to say that I learned more from this show when I was younger than any class I’ve ever been in. Happy watching!


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