watching as much as listening to the sound of music


One of the very best musical movies of all time is, in my opinion, The Sound of Music. It is about a young woman wanting to become a nun named Maria who gets sent away from the abbey for unbecoming behavior, like constantly being late and singing in the stairwell. She is to become a governess for seven children (yes, seven children!) of Captain von Trapp. However, when Maria arrives she realizes the huge manor house is a place where compliance and defiance go hand in hand. The children behave themselves around their father, for he acts like their drill sergeant, but mercilessly torment every new governess, by putting toads in her  pockets, etc. Maria also finds out that Captian von Trapp has not allowed music in the house for years because it reminds him of his late wife, and because of this none of the children know how to sing. She sets out on a mission to bring happiness and childish experiences back into their lives, and while trying to do so disrupts Captain von Trapp’s entire running of things. During this time, however, World War II is reigning on the horizon, Austria is taken over by the Nazis, and they want Captain von Trapp to join them. When he refuses, he is endangering his entire family. Did I mention it was based on a true story? I strongly recommend it, if you haven’t watched it before you must!


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