oh the great smoky mountains


A little while ago I got back from visiting the Great Smoky Mountains and Gatlinburg once again. It was a great trip, full of trees and streams and spending time with relations. A few of us went on the Smoky Mountains Ziplines, where we got to zipline 95 feet up in the air above the trees! We went on two ranger-led morning hikes, to Cataract Falls, and one night hike, where we had to tread carefully so as not to step on horse manure because the ranger just couldn’t let us use flashlights because then we wouldn’t get the full effect of going on a hike at night! Even so, is it  not a little devious to plan a night hike on a horse trail? It was a lot of fun regardless though.

In Gatlinburg, I asked if we could go into a mirror maze or something of the sort, and my father said, “But that’s a tourist trap,” to which I replied, “This whole town is a tourist trap, silly!” It was so entertaining to go from the tacky flashy buildings in Gatlinburg to the natural beauty and splendor in the National Park.

Interesting fact time! If you hit pieces of granite together, they create a spark that which you can see by. Bears can smell a little less than two miles away, so put away those granola bars! Glowworms are just young, immature fireflies that haven’t learned how to turn their light on and off yet. Cades Cove is wonderful in that it shows you old churches and houses in fairly compressed space and time (compared to the rest of the park). Also, there will never be a shortage of log cabins in the mountains. Or deer. Or beards.

Try to make it to the most visited national park in the country if you haven’t already!


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