movies to make you think

I watched these movies. And I liked them. And they made me think, because their plots were creative and interesting and because, let’s face it, the majority of movie plots these days are anything but that. And so I think you should watch them.

cafe Cafe. On the surface, it looks like  one of those comedies where a guy and a girl working together start to fall for each other in a cafe. At least that’s what the trailer lead me to believe, and so I started to brush it aside, not watch it. But then I noticed the comments beneath the trailer. The top comments both said something about how the movie was so much more than that, that it was deeper, that it wasn’t just a romantic comedy. So I watched it. And I realized that it wasn’t, not at all, what I thought it would be. Instead, it is about all the people who frequent the cafe really, who make it their home for an hour or so each day. And how a man for some reason opens his laptop one of those hours to find an eleven-year-old girl looking back at him, who says that he is an avatar and she is his creator. And how eventually one morning people slowly leave the cafe, and how then four shots ring out from inside it, and how that came to be.

primer Primer. Oh you know, it’s one of those movies where people build a time machine, not that exciting. Except it is, and it’s complicated, and hard to comprehend, which just makes you want to understand it more. Abe and Aaron don’t just somehow make it so they can time travel, we watch them as they work to make it happen. We’re with them through their mistakes and frustrations, so that their journeys are so realistic that we’re not sure whether or not it is a documentary. Scientific breakdowns and ethical questionings and the slowly deteriorating relationship between the two friends makes you keep watching. And then look up the movie online so that you can make more sense of it afterward.

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