yep more books

You should probably read these.

thebookthief Historical Fiction! And the best book that my cousin was ever assigned to read at school which I read when we book swapped whatever books we had with us at the Jersey Shore! The Book Thief. It is about a little girl named Liesel during World War II and what happens when she is sent to live with two very kind people, who also charitably start to hide a Jew. She meets a little boy named Rudy and saves books from being burned and sometimes just steals books only because she feels like it. And oh yeah, the narrator of the book is death.

0-439-83706-5 Childhood Cancer Book! And the book which is the sequel to the best book I ever randomly picked up in a bookstore and thought I might as well read it! After Ever After.  Now, this is a sequel to “Drums, Girls, and Dangerous Pie,” which is an older brother’s thoughts about his younger brother having cancer and how he deals with that and life in general. But After Ever After is what happened after, you know, that little boy with cancer who everyone assumed was going to die somehow miraculously lives to be a teenager and goes into remission! And how, after he stopped dying, he actually kinda started to live.

ender'sgame Science Fiction! And the best book I decided to read for a creative writing class! Ender’s Game. About a boy named Ender Wiggin who is chosen solely because he was the perfect balance between good (his sister) and evil (his brother). I mean, you can’t have someone too nice or too psychotic leading an assault. You obviously need the guy in the middle… And how he is trained to attack an enemy which is threatening his world by playing games with his classmates on a spaceship. By people with questionable motives and alongside people with questionable sanity.

neverwhere Fantasy Fiction! And a great book that my good ol’ brother recommended to me! Neverwhere. About a guy named Richard who sees a girl bleeding on the street, decides to help her because, well, he has a conscience, and somehow gets sucked into her world beneath London, where the streets end and the Underground leads even deeper into a dark place quite unlike our own and yet similar. And how he gets caught up in the dangerous struggle between some very powerful people, and how he almost dies and almost saves them and stuff like that.

redscarfgirl Memoir! And I have no idea when, where, or how I read this for the first time but whatever! Red Scarf Girl: A Memoir of the Cultural Revolution. About a girl growing up where anyone can be suspected and accused of going against the majority  somehow or another, where people are isolated and desolated just because of the crimes of their ancestors, where the four olds were replaced with the four news and everything changed, and how an entire country was controlled under the power of one man who was adored. And how a little girl lived through all the madness.

So, yes. It would be nice if you read these books.

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