to see good movies

slidingdoors Fantasy Drama! Sliding Doors-  About a woman who misses the train. So she instead takes a taxi and goes home to her boyfriend and life goes on as it always does. But at the same time it is also about the same woman who does actually catch the train, gets home in time to see her boyfriend cheating on her, and leaves to start a new life. Two parallel universes, happening instantaneously, tell the stories of how her life changed or could have changed by getting through those sliding doors..

breakfastattiffany's Classic! Breakfast at Tiffany’s- If you haven’t seen this movie, I would have to say I’m surprised, even though I hadn’t seen this movie until a few years ago. It is about a girl who has a cat named ‘Cat’ and about a boy who claims he’s a writer but hasn’t written a bit in years. And about the mafia and the past coming back to haunt you and the flight or fight response and determination and what lack of commitment can do and, of course, Tiffany’s.

thepatriot American Revolution! The Patriot. About a father who doesn’t want to go to war, but ultimately does to protect those he loves. Very powerful, it tells the story of family, redemption, forgiveness, and sacrifice while teaching us our history along the way. Be prepared however, it is very likely that your favorite character will die.

So yes. Go see these movies as soon as possible.


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