more wonderful books

frankiebookThe Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks. About a girl who goes to her father’s old boarding school to bring down the all-boys secret society The Basset Hounds by infiltrating them (dating one of the key members) and anonymously orchestrating so very many pranks that get serious real fast, so that you start to see a criminal mastermind beginning to take shape. “Secrets are more powerful when people know you’ve got them.”  “They planned to know one another when they were ancient and gray-‘when we’re doddering around with canes and have forgotten the names of our wives, we will still be Bassets,and still be young in our hearts.'” “I think it was the institution…I was trying to master it.”

howl'smovingcastleHowl’s Moving Castle. About a refreshingly different kind of main character: A girl who gets turned into an old woman by an evil witch but refuses to be victimized, still forcing herself to meet conflict head on. She finds some awfully interesting people (a wizard who supposedly eats young girl’s hearts called Howl, his flabbergasted apprentice Michael, and their transportation’s fuel source Calcifer), learns some awfully interesting things, and resolutely is the reason for what ultimately happens.  “I hope your bacon burns.” “If I give you a hint and tell you it’s a hint, it will be information.” “‘I’m dying of boredom,’ Howl said pathetically. ‘Or maybe just dying.’” “Take it from me, Fate doesn’t care most of the time.”  “I make that four horses and ten men just to get rid of one old woman. What did you do to the King?” “Nobody gets praised for the right reasons.” “I’m a coward. Only way I can do something this frightening is to tell myself I’m not doing it!”

glowGlow. About a girl who was taken and a boy who stayed behind and how she tries to preserve herself and others like her while he tries to keep himself and the others under him out of death’s grasp. About a society where the survival of point-of-view matters more than anything else, where someone would be willing to give up their values in order to preserve the basis of those values for the generations. About the foils of humanity, and so consequentially a bit dark. Very philosophical, very good. “’There is a design working behind the curtain of the stars, and we are fulfilling it, drawn toward the future on the tide of time, toward our destiny as the first settlers of a new world.’ The room was still. He has them, she thought.”

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