be prepared for the lizzie bennet diaries


If you have time to watch The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, also known as the show I flew through in just three days, watch it. If you don’t have time, make time. This story told impeccably well is about three sisters, two best friends, and quite a few socially awkward people, which makes for an incredibly hilarious combination. For fans of Pride and Prejudice, you’re in luck because it is a modern retelling in which Lizzie vblogs all about her entertaining life. A tale about sisterhood and friendship and being able to laugh at yourself, for starters, but which becomes so much more. 100 four to six minute episodes that you won’t want to end.

Jane, Lizzie, and Lydia are the daughters of a mother anxious to marry them off because of financial troubles. Jane is the sweetest girl on earth, Lizzie is full to the brim with sarcasm, and Lydia is just plain crazy. When a richie comes to town, a man by the name of Bing Lee, who does the mother choose to throw at him? Jane, of course. But Bing Lee doesn’t come to town alone; he brings along his best friend, another richie by the name of Darcy, and his sister, Caroline.

Since their mother already considers Jane married off to Bing, while at a wedding she gets the bride to throw the bouquet at Lizzie, and even though Darcy was standing as far away from the garter as possible, catches it as well. So ensues a very awkward dance that by the end of it has Lizzie calling Darcy every name in the book, including obnoxious, stuck-up, unbelievably rude, and a robot. Just to state the obvious, her mother was disappointed.

At the same time, Lizzie has started a video blog that not everyone knows about, and she prefers to keep it that way because she doesn’t always say the nicest things on it. Lydia is going off to bars with swimmers so that Lizzie has to reel her in whenever she can, while Lydia wants to get Lizzie from acting like “such a nerd” and from being so “perpetually single.” Lizzie’s best friend Charlotte is leaving for a city far away for a job that Lizzie was offered first but turned down, her family is distracted with the possibility that they might lose the house, and then all of a sudden Bing is leaving town without telling Jane and this guy named George Wickham is accusing Darcy of some very bad things and Lizzie’s entirety is thrown into chaos.

Doesn’t that sound intriguing?!

Darcy, “I dislike smiling. It distorts the face.” Fitts, “Anddd he’s got the social skills of a agoraphobic lobster.”

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