robert redford films

For some reason, this actor chose movies that would influence people powerfully. I don’t know, maybe it was in a time where actors wouldn’t make any silly movie just for the sake of fame and fortune. All three movies I have seen that have had Robert Redford in them have been good, thought-provoking movies. So, yes. Watch these.

the_candidate090109The Candidate. Political Thriller. Bill McKay is a lawyer with a big house and a pretty wife. His father is also a retired politician, but Bill doesn’t really like talking to him for some reason. Then some people approach him on running for office, saying that they aren’t asking him to actually become a senator, he’ll definitely lose, they just need someone to stir up the election numbers enough. They ask him to run just for the sake of running, because they need someone with a famous father and a background that isn’t ridden with scandal. So he says sure, why not, he can’t be corrupted. Or can he?

il_570xN.447757612_1h7t Three Days Of The Condor. Suspenseful Action Thriller. Better than the Bournes or the James Bonds? I’d like to think so. He goes to pick up lunch for the office, he comes back and all of his coworkers are dead. But wait, he only works for the American Literary Historical Society! No, hold on, that’s actually a front. Still though, he had only read books and made reports on them, nothing dangerous! Why are they killing analysts all of a sudden? Did he learn anything useful to keep himself alive from those books he’d been reading? If people from his side are trying to kill him, who is actually on his side?

tumblr_mil1exRTKf1qdjbb7o1_1280 All The President’s Men. Political Thriller.  The true story about how two journalists from The Washington Post discovered and proved the scandal of Watergate. When five burglars are found at the Democratic National Committee headquarters, it doesn’t seem to be that important, so they send the new guy, Woodward, to cover it at the courthouse. But Woodward sees that it is important, that the five men had bugging equipment and all had ties to the CIA. He and his coworker Bernstein start to go around trying to get people to talk, which turns out to be a  problem because for some reason they are just too afraid to. How can they get someone to have enough backbone to be a source? They slowly start to realize that they stumbled upon something that was more than just a story because it was a story that would take down a presidency.

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