manhunt for escaped prisoner concludes


An escaped prisoner from Michigan was found February 2 in Indiana after kidnapping a woman and stealing two vehicles a day earlier.

Michael David Elliot, 40, had been convicted of murdering four people and setting their house on fire when he was 20 with three others after they failed to find drug money to steal.

He had managed to escape by making a hole in two fences by pulling the wire apart with a belt and his hands and being able to blend into the snow with white underwear.

The woman he had kidnapped managed to slip away when they stopped at a gas station, running to the bathroom and calling 911. Her 911 dispatcher recorded that he could hear the felon knocking heavily on the door and saying, “Let’s go!” She refused to unlock the bathroom door, however, and Elliot eventually stole her car to continue being on the run alone.

Elliot was found after authorities got a report of a vehicle being stolen outside a factory nearby in the Laporte area. A deputy spotted the car “within a few seconds,” according to sheriff’s major John Boyd, and was quickly apprehended.

According to Corrections Director Daniel Heyens, he had been a good prisoner who never made any trouble. “Nothing in this man’s history would have indicated a high risk of escape.” He got along with other prisoners and seemed to be making the most out of prison. “He was serving his time.”

Elliot felt that twenty years locked away was enough for his crimes and that he had changed. “I just wanted a second chance,” he told reporters while being escorted from an Indiana courtroom. The state does not see it that way, however.

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