infj personality type characteristics


*We have the rarest of all personality types, roughly making up only 1% of the world’s population. I’m not saying we’re unicorns. But yes actually that’s exactly what I’m saying.
*We have the same personality type as Jesus! And Hitler. But also Gandhi! And Osama bin Laden. Because you know. When you think of one you definitely tend to think of the other.
*We are people-focused and possibility-oriented, wanting to make the world a better place, and have strong ideals, which may make us be conceived as naive or stubbornly principled.
*We usually have just a few close friends to open up to and then acquaintances/relative friends where we keep up a front around . We tend to ask people how they are without expecting them to care enough to ask back and are good listeners.
*If we momentarily lose faith in humanity because of someone’s actions or are under a lot of stress we may draw back and away to recover, which can surprise the acquaintances/relative friends who tend to think of us as always friendly, sociable, and happy.
*We are very concerned about hurting other people’s feelings and wish others would hold the same caution. We are also prone to feeling overly guilty, replaying regrettable actions many times and apologizing repeatedly. We are also sensitive to conflict and can’t tolerate it very well, internalizing when under a lot of stress which can often lead to health problems.
*We are the least argumentative personality type and don’t tend to be very competitive.
*We care a lot about what people think of us, can feel as if we are being judged, and when we get hurt we tend to hold it inside, rarely ever expressing how we feel or confronting the person who hurt us, usually taking the less risky route and blowing off/“forgetting” the offense entirely, even excusing their behavior.
*We try to help those we feel are in need and so tend to be drawn toward those we think are underdogs or outcasts.
*We are creative in that we express our ideals in the form of literature and illustration, a lot of the time looking for symbolism and finding references in everyday conversations . We are the most likely to get published out of all the other types.
*We are the most over represented when choosing “writing” as a pastime and the most underrepresented in “watching sports events.” What a surprise.


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