five dead after attack on jerusalem synagogue

A Jewish synagogue in Jerusalem was attacked Tuesday by two Palestinian cousins armed with butcher knives and a gun, the attackers killing four rabbis and a policeman and injuring seven others before being killed themselves.
Jerusalem’s deadliest attack in six years occurred at 7 a.m. right when 30 or so worshippers were conducting their morning prayers. “They began attacking worshipers, stabbing them before opening fire,” said Israel’s foreign ministry.
Three of the rabbis had dual American-Israeli citizenship, while the other had dual British-Israeli citizenship. U.S. Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro described it as “a barbaric new low in the sad and outrageous history of such attacks.”
The Mayor of Jerusalem, Nir Barkat, said that the attack was caused by terror organizations such as Hamas that use “rumor and misfacts” about how Palestinians are treated.
Israel’s PM Benjamin Netanyahu ordered that the homes of the attackers to be destroyed and for the Israeli people to stand strong together during this “wave of terror” and that the goal at the moment is to make sure there are no copycat attacks.
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’ office said in a statement that “the presidency condemns the attack on Jewish worshippers in their place of prayer and condemns the killing of civilians no matter who is doing it.”


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