woman hides gun in weave

Wednesday in an early morning raid of a nightclub in Raleigh, a woman got arrested for possessing a stolen firearm, carrying a concealed weapon, and resisting arrest. Upon arriving at the booking area of the Wake County Detention Center, the a gun was found hidden in her weave.

Tiffanie Bass, 32, was arrested at Club Rumors during a raid conducted by both the Raleigh Police Department and state Alcohol Law Enforcement.

The Sheriff’s Office released a statement saying that though Bass was in the Detention Center’s booking area, she had not yet been processed through security measures.

The Raleigh Police Department said Thursday morning that the security aspects related to the firearm not being found earlier “are currently being reviewed internally to determine if departmental procedures were followed and to determine if any of those procedures should be changed in light of the occurrence.”

Bass’ attorney said after the court hearing Thursday that it was acknowledged that the small derringer had been hidden in his client’s hair weave.

A $65,000 bond was set, with the judge declining to lower it because of Bass’ previous criminal history.


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