what to know about me

Hi, I’m Grace! These are some things to know about me if you’re that curious, things that make me happy.

Foggy mornings. Dippin’ Dots. Quiet. Sea caves. Road trips. The rain. Waterfalls. Trains. Mountains. Finishing a book I didn’t want to end. Making memories with dear people. Watching sailboats. Having seashells be significant. Looking out windows. Clouds. Waffles. Getting postcards. Libraries. Sunflowers. Ducks. Ladybug infestations.  Seeing family. Spotting rainbows. Swinging. Climbing trees. Ivy on old buildings. Orangina. Monopoly. Genuine smiles. Air conditioning. Looking at old photographs. Hot chocolate. Pigeons. Mongolian food. Jumping in the waves. Taking time kayaking. Nicknames. Yellow cars. Hiking, short distances to good views. Telling my cat that she’s adequate and fluffy. Snow globes. Maple syrup candy. Fall arriving. Raspberries. Being with sisters. Card games. Optimists. Leaves. Lighthouses. Calm waters. Dolphins. Fireworks. The State Fair. Dandelions. Italian food. Alternative Rock.


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